Fire-Grilled Fundraisers

We go to crazy lengths to help our local communities and give back. That’s why we created Fire-Grilled Fundraisers, an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their cause while dining at our restaurant. Request a form to the right, and we’ll help you schedule an event, provide you with the materials to help plan and promote it, and walk you through the process. 20% of your guests' purchases during your event (before tax) go back to your cause. Now that’s what we call a crazy fundraising idea.

Giving Chickens
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El Pollo Loco Charities

EPL Charities, a nonprofit 501(c) charity created and powered by volunteer employees of El Pollo Loco, is continually looking for ways to give back and lend a helping hand to our local communities. Each year, we provide over 10,000 meals within the communities El Pollo Loco serves to support children’s causes and the disadvantaged, such as underprivileged families and the elderly.

EPL Charities is proud to support the following:

  • Children’s Causes
  • Literacy
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness
  • Bilingual Education
  • Woman and children's shelters
  • Social Responsibility
  • Humanitarian
  • School Attendance/Academic

Please note that requests are only approved in areas in which we serve (Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah). If you’re interested in inviting El Pollo Loco to support an upcoming charitable event, submit a Request Form at least 30–45 days in advance.

El Pollo Loco Charities
Request Form

Contribution decisions are made at the corporate office. Please allow three to five weeks for a response. Your organization will be contacted to notify you of results. Unfortunately, if your organization is designed primarily for one of the following causes, we are unable to support your request: lobbying organizations, religious, fraternal, labor groups, political groups, individuals, families, or private foundations and for-profit organizations. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive, we are unable to approve all requests.