Franchise Inquiry

We are interested to hear from qualified food-service investors who the criteria below. If you believe you are qualified and are interested in applying, please complete a Franchise Application form shown below.

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of very recent or current restaurant experience as a multi-unit owner or primary operator.
  • Meet financial requirements of minimum net worth of $1.0 million per unit and $300,000 per unit in liquid assets 
  • Share a commitment to our vision and mission
  • Have compatible business philosophies

Are you able to develop the restaurant(s) within the next 24 months?

Do you have experience negotiating real estate leases or purchases and constructions?

*Are you able to secure your own finances for development?

*Are you a franchisee with another brand?

*Do you have five years of restaurant experience as an owner/operator?

*Do you have an equity/financial partner?

*Do you have an operational partner?

*Do you or your operating partner live in the area you would like to develop?

*How many restaurants do you want to develop?

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